Providing Marina Safety Technologies

Man Overboard Marina Alarm Systems PTY was born in Melbourne, in 2018. Created to save lives and fill a gap in the market where no system of its kind had been commercially available before, it provides a simple solution for marina owners/operators to mitigate risk should someone fall in the water, whether from the dock or boat at berth. An alarm system that can be easily triggered if the person overboard is unable to retrieve themselves from the water.

Man Overboard partnered with Australian manufacturer, DEK Technologies, in January 2019, to deliver a high tech alarm system with an intuitive user interface.


Dek Technologies is assisting Man Overboard to bring the latest technology to marinas in a bid to stop preventable injury and death from prolonged exposure caused during an accidental in-water event.

Our dock alarms communicate with the pull switches and our cloud servers to let us know the system is running and provide us with instant notifications when someone activates the Man Overboard System.

The Man Overboard dock alarms also allow someone to raise the warning during an on-dock emergency, sinking vessel, fire, or medical event.