All aboard

This is an introduction to the Man Overboard Marina Alarm System, the first system of its kind for marinas and similar floating platforms. It enables someone who has fallen into the water and is unable to get out unaided, a chance to sound an alarm that instantly calls for help.

We are excited to say the level of interest in our Marina Alarm System at the Marinas19 Expo was outstanding!

The feedback and industry insights provided to us during this time was very helpful and is being taken into consideration moving ahead.

We are now live testing our system and hope to be product ready by the start of (Australian) summer.

If you are interested in being a test pilot please let us know and we can look into available options.
We will soon have a detailed catalogue including full product description, various pricing models, roll-out plans etc…

Until then, your feedback is very important to us so if you have any questions, comments or concerns then we would be very pleased to hear from you.