How it works

  • A person falls into the water and is able to get themselves back to the docks edge, right in front of them within easy reach is the Man Overboard Marina Alarm System, a pull on the marine grade rope will activate a local Dock Alarm.
  • The Dock Alarm emits a strobe light and siren. Alerting those in the immediate area and assisting to calm the victim knowing someone is aware of their plight.
  • Text messages, emails and an app notification are automatically sent out to up to 6 people that the marina has pre-programmed into their system, these could be Marina Management, staff, Liveaboards or security companies.
  • Monitoring then makes cascading phone calls to the marina contacts, if no one is able to investigate the alarm, monitoring will contact emergency services to request an investigation.

  • This alarm assists in averting potential catastrophe. All your marina requires is a power point and internet connectivity, Our patented Man Overboard signal boxes heart beat every 30 minutes to tell us that the system is live and are also equipped with a temperature gauge, alarming instantly if temperatures exceed 60degC, this could assist in avoiding another tragedy similar to the Alabama marina fire that recently took the lives of 8 people, Our system is also equipped with 4G back-up.

    We are pleased to say we have been testing in place at Royal Melbourne Yacht squadron for Over 3 months now and will be ready to take orders late Feb 2020.


Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron

RMYS Testing

Base Station